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Park Rules

Park Rules

For the continued enjoyment of all visitors, we've compiled the most frequently asked park rules of Washington Park. City Code Title 20 prohibits the following conduct in Washington Park. Please note that the most up-to-date and comprehensive rule list is available from the City's website here.


  • Permits are required when holding events, like weddings, or performing commercial photography or filming. In addition, engaging in commercial activity like holding private classes or tours in the park may require a permit. Permits are issued by Portland Parks & Recreation, 503-823-PLAY.
  • Permits are required for vending of any kind in Washington Park. Please contact Portland Parks at 503-823-PLAY for commercial permit details.


Prohibited conduct
  • The park is closed from 10pm to 5am, except for visitors and vehicles in Lots A, B and C for evening events.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times everywhere in the park and pet waste must be removed.
  • Camping is not allowed at any time, including placing structures like tents.
  • Attaching items to trees, like signs or hammocks, is not allowed.
  • No alcohol, except by permit.
  • Drone use is not allowed anywhere in the park.
  • Harvesting of roses, flowers or other vegetation is strictly prohibited. Permits may be issued by Portland Parks for certain foraging.
  • Use of gas or coal-fired BBQ's is by permit only.
  • Please respect other park users and refrain from smoking in the park.
Traffic and Parking
  • Parking of oversize vehicles and buses is allowed in designated areas only. 
  • Bikes are allowed on roadways only; biking on soft-surface trails is prohibited.
  • The park wide speed is 20 mph, except when posted otherwise. Traffic laws are enforced by Portland Police.
  • TriMet rules are in effect and enforced on the TriMet plaza and platform in Washington Park.
  • The Zoo & Washington Park railroad station and rail line are restricted access areas and not open to the public.
  • Persons violating park rules or any rule in City Code Title 20 may be warned, cited or excluded by Portland Police or Park Rangers.